Thomas Andrew Hansen
Game Audio
Advance Sound Design | Atmosphere | Part 3

Atmosphere Sound Design


This demonstration uses the game ‘Unreal Tournament’ by Epic games to showcase advance sound design and implementation in the Unreal Engine.

All sounds you can hear in the demonstration were created by Thomas Andrew Hansen.

Foley Recordings


During the introduction to this video, it shows a serious of random Foley recordings. These recordings took place in British Columbia Canada in multiple different areas. The following Foley was recorded using a field microphone.

Crow Sounds - Getting close to crow to get a direct recording was quite tricky. Thank fully I was living in mountains in Canada at the time, so finding them wasn't too difficult. Multiple Patterns and crows were recorded. This helped the play back sound more natural for the timing and sound character.

Snow Movement -

Mountain Birds



The wolf howls were sampled and edited heavily to create a more generic wolf sound.