Thomas Andrew Hansen
Building an Upvote/ Downvote System in October CMS on Laravel Framework

Want to build a Upvote Downvote System but don't know how? Want to learn something cool in October CMS?

I didnt know how to build upvote downvote sytem and found it really difficult to find any information on builidng one. Finding any tutorials at all for October CMS is tricky and I feel there need to be more tutorials using this CMS.So I have decided to a quick tutorial for how I built my upvote downvote system for my project Shred Index

Disclaimer, It's not a one size fits all package and apologies if I don't use best practises for this tutorial.

For those that don't know anything about October CMS, it is based of Laravel Framwork

Getting Started building your upvote system


What do you want exactly? This is a question I need to ask myself more often before I build and so should you.

For this upvote system I decided to do a quick layout of exactly what I wanted before trying to implement it.


For Shred Index I wanted to create this Upvote System to help curate user generated data and get the 'majority opionion wins' approach. This is to help get more accurate data and what people think is best.

In the picture below you can see some hardcoded data that I have input myself. Although most of this data won't change and is safe as hardcoded data, maybe there are better options than craigslist for the job listings and I do not know of it. So it would be great if a user could add their own entry and other users can upvote or downvote this entry to get the majority users favourite.

How should it work?

I think the best way and user experience would be:

A user can click on the entry.

-> a modal pops up for the entry with the following data: