Thomas Andrew Hansen
How I Setup A Coffee Import Brand in Only 10 Days

The shorter the amount of time, the better decisions you will make.

Tired of your current situation?

Do you want to make more automated money online?

Here is how I started a new coffee import business in only 10 days and how you can too.

Starting a business is never easy and usually takes 10 times longer than you first imagined. The truth is though, the more you think about it. The harder it is. This is where taking action is the most important part. There are a lot of thinkers in the world, that are very intelligent but never take action. As well as the vice versa of People who always take action that doesn't think.

Usually, I am the guy that overthinks everything, so I wanted to give my self a time limit. This helped me make clear decisions it whats really needed to get MVP (Minimum Viable Product) up off the ground.

“Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The problem with overthinking things is that you may have too many ideas. Then it becomes hard to choose which to do first. The schedule of time really boils down the most important factors in what to get started with.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing?

My only advice is to take action and work out what is needed. But before we get started. Let's discuss how this idea came about.

How I came up with the Idea to Make a New Coffee Brand?

Realistically, importing coffee is a very stupid idea. There is nothing original about it. The margins are terrible and worst of all, it is an extremely competitive market and hard to stand out as a niche. To be honest, I didnt start this business for myself to make money. Actually, I started it during my travels in Medellin Colombia. I met a girl who absolutely loves coffee in and out and seems to know almost everything about it.

The typical wage in Colombia is crazy crazy low. To be exact, the average person here earns around $330 USD per month! Which somehow people live on without any problem. To put things in perspective, a typical Uber trip costs around $2-3USD. Just before coming here a Uber trip would at least cost me 15USD in LA.

So as with anything in life everything is relative but same people yet with not much money really put things in perspective for me. There was a time in my life  when I've also become extremely poor

Being poor puts your mind in a completely different Realm it's hard to even think about it if you've always had money. You get desperate not knowing when your next meal is when you're basically do anything to get it.  unfortunately for some, it's like that here.

Like with any business it's good to have some sort of motivation or Reason on why you want to do it in the first place.

Ask yourself what really motivates you in life you can build a business around that?

Where I saw this girl's passion for coffee and the little wage that was received.  I had never seen those two go hand-in-hand together. Everybody else I had seen with a huge passion for something tends to be receiving a lot of benefit for it because they've got a lot of drive behind them.

I've also got to ask myself some serious questions such as:

Am I doing this to try to save anybody or am I doing it to help someone am I doing it to feel good? Just because I'm helping someone. the real reason I feel like I'm doing it is because I feel that a lot of the world and she could do with little bit of guidance.

But I'm not who you think I  am.

Originally I'm a music producer by trade and have had many side jobs actually a little too many you may not believe me but I was lost count after 60.   currently i own two other businesses,  I'm traveling around the world,  and somehow managed to squeeze 500 Days of snowboarding in  my recent years.

Why now you ask?   the real question to ask is:

Why did I choose her?

She has a huge amount of experience the coffee compassion about it coffee capital of the world in Colombia and is this typical feel the love character if you will authentic character absolutely no expectations and pure goodness.

So I decided that the best option would be for me to help set up an online store for her and guide her in what needs to be done in a way to be profitable as fast as possible.

Goals and expectations.

Make sure everybody's got the same idea and goals. The first if I took was to make sure that completely committed for herself and not for me. It was a huge difference in a language barrier it's difficult to communicate. However, reading body language and desire you can definitely tell there was motivation.

Don't fake it, make it good.

Make sure the product is good. Selling junk is never worth your time or dignity. As you will fall out of love with it fast.

I'm not a heavy coffee drinker but when I drink this coffee.  I couldn't believe it.   it was the very first time I didn't need sugar with coffee.  it had this natural sweetness to it not really fruity as such but definitely not visit with a lot of coffee that have drunk in the past.

From there I got an expert advice. My coworker, he's a coffee. I have to come along to the coffee to the cafe two sample this beautiful coffee that is award-winning. He instantly approved and wanted to be part of it. Dallas is a graphic designer and marketing legend.  so after sitting down and talking with him I miss you could get some great ideas for how we should position it and Market it to other consumers.

Pay up now!

Okay if I like the coffee and my friend likes the coffee but do other people want to buy it?

Even though this coffee itself is award-winning here in Medellín.

There are many ways to sell it but I decided that the best way would be to give away a couple of free drinks of coffee at my workplace and then ask people to buy right then and there.  no Dilly Deliing.

The problem is this was only a thought and I actually didn't pull through on the idea.   this is classic procrastination and avoiding not what I  should do and doing what I only want to do.

This is a step on what should she not be missed when doing a startup because it is super important to make sure that your product is viable and that people want it.


What did I do instead of selling in person?

Selling online

Wasting time building a website that's what.  However, I try to minimize my time as much as possible I just got a basic WordPress theme it's the Standalone one for 2017. Added some woocommerce plugins.  took a photo of her and slap it on a coffee bag.  made a quick video and about 4 hours trying to capture her  character.  put a Buy It Now price on it. Then Wham prepares for marketing.


Okay time for marketing


I have another friend here in Salina.  he is a champion of Facebook marketing. Some may even say there is a Czech Ninja.  or a Gaylord.   seeing his precision and skills I asked them what is the best way to Market.  I think luckily, in this case, said that it was to make a video of where this product is better than any other.


So why is this coffee better than any other?


Just like every other Coffee Company this coffee tastes better than all the rest.  "sure like that's going to stand out"


That is going to be the biggest selling point.  at least we'll try it that way.  we're going to offer a maximum of 100 subscriptions for a month.  to start with.  possibly go up to 500.  With a small amount, we going to make it personalized yet very basic.

You can check out Alba's Coffee Right here:

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