Thomas Andrew Hansen
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Making Some Synthwave

Quick Backstory

During my travels in Colombia Medellin, I met some well telanted individuals at a coworking sport 'Selina'. Danny Forest and George Pickett were teaching themselves how to make beats and inspired me to write another tune. During this time I was listening to a lot of Synthwave, so I decided to make something in this genre. After leaving Colombia it floated around on my hard drive for a while until I met some other buddies Boštjan Laznik and Petits Pieds who egged me onto finishing it up. Thanks for the inspiration guys!❤️

Luckily enough I managed to get it posted on the popular 'The 80's Guy' YouTube channel.

It can be listend to here:

The Music Prouction

This soley made on my laptop with out any external gear. All mixing and mastering where also done in my headphones.

The Video Prouction

Made this rather interesting visulizer with After Effects.