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Hiring a OctoberCMS Freelancer

Looking to hire an OctoberCMS freelancer?

You have come to the right place. In this article I cover where to find OctoberCMS freelancers. What is the best thing to lookout for when hiring an OctobeCMS developer. Why I chose to become an OctoberCMS developer and why my clients love OctoberCMS to manage there website.

Client Friendly

OctoberCMS is very client friendly once it has been setup correctly. It doesnt have a bunch of nonsense going on like in wordpress, yet just enough for a clean user interface to navigate and make basic adjustments and write articles and new pages. It can really be set up better than anything else I have seen. My client's love it because they just 'get it'. It's not as overwhelming as other platforms, but yet more customizable. Sounds like a win win right? Right.

Why I chose OctoberCMS as my go-to platform

OctoberCMS didnt just randomly find me. It was suggested by one of my senior developer friends whom was interested in working with it, but unfortunately never had the time to use it for a project. At the time, I mentioned I needed something scalable, clean and fast for my project 'Shred Index' which is a crowdsourced Ski Bum Index, Life Affordability and Comparison Guide witht he most comprehensive search engine for ski resorts on the web right now.

Here's a quick breakdown of Shred Index

The Shred Index project has thousands of resorts, each with hundreds of statistics, ratings from user's, local guide attributes, reveiws, names of runs and weather and whole bunch more. So we are looking at 5000+ resorts multiplied by a minimum 200+ attributes which is equal to 1 million+ data points in total.

1 million is a lot, and extremely difficult to manage, especially when over half the data is crowd-sourced. OctoberCMS has helped alot with being able to build custom plugins easily whilst structuring the database in a professional manner. Helping me being able to manage it as one person as opposed to having an entire team. Where is it very timely and costly.

Projects I wouldn't recommend to do in OctoberCMS right now

For anyone looking to an E-Commerce Business it can be done in OctoberCMS, however the amount of effort it takes to setup and work well efficiently may not be worth the time. I personally think there are much better options out there right now as of posting this. The reason I say this is. E-commerce has so many elements involved with payments and product types and it likely there will need to be a lot of custom work done to get up and running how the client wants. For example Shopify, is a dedicated e-commerce platform. Yes, it comes with costs, but will extremely easy to setup and get going straight away out of the box and the money spent on Shopify services will be saved through the cost of what it would be to get setup well with OctoebrCMS.

Where to hire OctoberCMS freelancers?

OctoberCMS Partners

The offical OctoberCMS website has a 'partners' section where you can find companies and freelancers that work with OctoberCMS. This where you possibly find the top talent using the platform.


Upwork has become a famous place to find any sort of freelancer. It's easy to find people in general for anything which is a plus-side. One downside is that it can be difficult to find top talent, as you may experience alot of 'fake it until you make it' attitudes from the clients you can find. Also, the platform itself has huge overheads and takes a big percentage from both the client and freelancer. After saying this, it can be useful to help find someone quick for a job.

Right now, there are about 27 freelancers who specialize using OctoberCMS as a platform on Upwork. You can check out the option's here.

Why client's love OctoberCMS

They way OctoberCMS is built is very basic and clean. It doesn't have any excessive stuff clogging it up making it slow or un-userfriendly.

As for Client's. When they come to look at the platform. They see all that is needed to manage thier content, pictures prices without being distracted by a bunch of random thing trying to capture attention. When you platforms like wordpress. Wordpress usually requires alot of external plugins that market themselves on the dashboard. Distracting clients and making them worry about what they really need.

Web Development and management needs to be easy. OctoberCMS has done a great job in helping developers create easy environments for clients to work with. If you havent done so already. Give it a go. I am sure you will be pleased.