Thomas Andrew Hansen
Workspace Prototype




The new workspace prototype goes through the same process as the system, just in a very different way.

Initially, I show the new features of the communications of SMS and Email, and the vision of the timeline, once the button 'log-> interaction' is hit, we go through the process of the User journey illustrated above.



Once the log interaction button is hit, we are presented with a form. Since this is a prototype, most of the form is completed for visual purposes. However, the relationships (2 relationships) at the bottom of the card in this case would automatically be assigned/linked to the current stakeholder.


You will also see the process of adding documents. The current database system has the documents as a separate entity and could theoretically be added in the relationship drop-down to assign previously uploaded documents. However I decided to separate documents, so we can easily attach or upload new multiple documents at once. The form fields for the document come up once a file has been selected. I presented it this way based on the current system fields, ideally, the documents attached should be named automatically upon upload and can be changed later if needed, in other words, not prompted.


Linking existing relationships is one of the key features that will help the 5 out of 6 user journey experiences. This was designed using a new fuzzy search multi-select component that's able to easily find relationships without the bulky advanced search process. This component also helps us in many other aspects of the system for needing to sort through specific large amounts of data fast. For example, the Interaction Type where some clients could have up to 1000 different types. In addition to this component was the ability to add new entities if they are unable to be found. This would be used as a last resort to quickly add these entities if needed and a notification would be produced reminding the user to complete the fields of whatever entity is produced. The reason this is separated into a different process, as if it was possible to create all details at once. A possible user loop would be possible, which could easily crash the browser.